Naaraat - Females

GIC FI*Lolcat's Willow Rosenberg DVM

Willow is a daughter of River and Wendy. Excellent eye color and very purring girl <3 She likes to be part of everything and try everything. She likes cider, blackcurrant juice, strawberry smoothie, ketchup, marmelade... you name it! She is very devoted mother to her own babies and also loves to take care others babies too. She is the mother of our Frozen, Little Mermaid and Charlie's Angels litters.

Born: 15.2.2015
Sire: SC Wynterwynd Moon River DVM
Dam: CH FI*Lolcat's Wendy Darling


Cataract negative

11 x BIV, 8 x NOM, 1 x BIS

FI*Lolcat's Arya Stark

Tinka is very talkative & social girl. She is living with Juulia in Tartu. She is the mother of litter Detectives & Three sisters.

Born: 13.7.2016
Sire: CH Porto Blekitek*PL
Dam: SC FI*Lolcat's Alexandra DVM


Lolcat's Miss Marple

Malina is living in Kuopio with Linda and Willa. You can follow her from her instagram @blue_malina

Born: 20.2.3018
Sire: IC Wychwood Wow
Dam: Lolcat's Arya Stark

Lolcat's Jane Banks

Muska is living in Imatra with Jaanamari and her family. You can follow Muska and her sister Minni from instagram @mupu_and_minni

Born: 9.2.2018
Sire: IC Wychwood Wow
Dam: Lolcat's Elsa


Willa is very sweet & active, but still quite calm girl. She likes to watch movies and computer games and try to catch them from the screen. She also has a very funny voice and she likes to use it! She is living in Kuopio with Linda and Malina and you can follow her from Malinas instagram @blue_malina

Born: 9.5.2018
Sire: Vayun Ufne Koty*PL
Dam: Wychwood Wish Called Wanda


4 x BIV, 5 x NOM

Katzenhof Aphrodite of Lolcats

Affi is a very active girl, always purring between you and computer, especially if you try to work.

Born: 16.7.2018
Sire: IC Wychwood Wow
Dam: Katzenhof Xena

FI*Lolcat's Alex Munday

Alex is from my first Lolcat's-Lolcat's litter. She is super purring and sweet girl. Amazing eye colour already as a kitten.

Born: 11.11.2018
Sire: Lolcat's John Willoughby
Dam: GIC Lolcat's Willow Rosenberg DVM

Urokset - Males

Wynterwynd Logan

Logan is from USA. Super sweet american type boy.

Born 3.8.2018
Sire: Wynterwynd Timberwolf
Dam: Wynterwynd Rogue

vayun ufne koty*PL

Vesa is from Ufne Koty FIFe-cattery from Poland. He is super sweet purring boy with super eye color and head.

Born: 18.3.2017
Sire: IC Gasper Ufne Koty*PL
Dam: Soul Love Komachi-Of-Ufne Koty


GIP, SC Wynterwynd Moon River, DVM - NEUTERED

River is from CFA cattery from USA. He is sweet purring boy, even in cat shows. He has super coat! Short, plushy, double! He has very nice almond shape eyes and green eye color. Large and well placed ears that follow the lines of the head. Long tail and most of all, super temper! He is the father of our own litters Little House on the Prairie, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Queen Victoria. He also has offspring in catteries Flax (Sweden), Katzenhof (CFA & TICA), Ruslandija (Russia), Shady-Lady's and Wychwood (CFA & TICA, UK).

You can follow River from Instagram @rivers_diary

Born: 16.6.2013
Sire: GC Wynterwynd WaterMarque
Dam: RW, GC Tylona's Dancing in the Moonlight

FeLV & FIV neg
Blood type A
Ring worms neg
Cataract neg
HCM normal (at 4 years old)

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20x BIV, 33 x NOM, 9 x BIS

Best Russian Blue Neuter Male in Finland (2018)
7th Best Neuter Male in category 4 in Finland (2018)
Best Breeding male in category 4 in Finland (2016)
Best Russian Blue kitten in Finland (2014)
2nd Best Russian Blue Male in Finland (2014)

Supreme Grand Champion
Regional Winner (2014-2015)
16th Best Shorthair in EN (2014-2015)

Grand Champion
6th Best Russian Blue Adult (2014-2015)