IC Wychwood Wow

Wow is from UK. He is a very sweet purring boy who always wants to sit in your lap, goes to door to meet guests and loves cuddles. He is enjoying his retirement with Lolcat's Olaf.

Born: 8.3.2016
Sire: Frank Sheer Love
Dam: Wychwood Naima Moon


FI*Lolcat's Elsa

Elsa is super sweet, purring and talkative girl. She loves jumping on peoples shoulders. She is mother to our litter Mary Poppins and is continuing her breeding career with Heli in Sinisen Hetken cattery in southern Finland.

Born: 20.11.2016
Sire: CH Porto Blekitek*PL
Dam: GIC FI*Lolcat's Willow Rosenberg DVM


IC FI*Lolcat's Queen Victoria

Vicky is the sweet daughter from Aksu and River. She is living with her half sister Iiris and their servants Marjo, Mikko and Tytti.

Born: 1.7.2015
Sire: SC Wynterwynd Moon River DVM
Dam: SC Lolcat's Alexandra DVM


Show results
2 x BIV, 2 x NOM

CH Porto Blekitek*PL

Ville is from a Blekitek FIFe-cattery from Poland. He is super sweet purring boy with very nice head and coat. Just super temperament <3 Ville is the father of our litters House of Stark, Swedish Monarchy, Frozen, Little Mermaid & Sense & Sensibility. He also has another litter in Sini-ihmeen cattery. He is enjoying his retirement in Tallinn.


FeLV/FIV neg
Blood type A

SC FI*Lolcat's Alexandra DVM

Aksu is the sweet daughter of Oskari and Lavania. Aksu is my first homebred queen. She was super mother with her babies. She has lovely temperament at home, but hates cat shows. She likes to "approve" things by leaving her teeth marks (habit learned from mom and dad...). She is the mother of litters Little Women, Pirates of Caribbean, Charmed, Queen Victoria and House of Stark. Aksu is enjoying her retirement with Meri in Tartu.

Born: 30.3.2011
Sire: PR, CH Lolcat's Oskari
Dam: PR, IC Katzenhof Lavanya

11xBIV, 9xNOM, 1xBIS
Best Russian Blue kitten in Finland 2011
CFA Champion
TICA Champion

Blood type A (does not carry b)
Ringworm (Microsporum) neg 04/2013

GIP, SC FI*Lolcat's Leo Wyatt DVM

Leo is from Charmed litter from Aksu and River. I knew I couldn't use him for any of my girls, but he was so good looking and had lovely temperament, so I could not sell him as a pet, and he stayed in the cattery and made some really nice kittens for other breeders! He had litters for Harmuan, Sini-ihmeen, Sapphire Twilight and Wychwood catteries. Now he is enjoying his retirement with his nephew Prince Carl-Philip, Katarina and Juha in Helsinki.

Born: 16.11.2014
Sire: SC Wynterwynd Moon River DVM
Dam: SC Lolcat's Alexandra DVM

Show results:
10 x BIV, 13 x NOM, 3 x BIS
Best Adult Male Russian Blue in Finland 2016
Best Neuter Male Russian Blue in Finland 2017

Wendy 2 years

CH FI*Lolcat's Wendy Darling

Wendy is from Peter Pan litter. She looks exactly like her mother. She is super friendly to everyone, purring and pushing all the time. She is living in Jyväskylä with her servants. She had 2 litters: Buffy the Vampire Slayer & JWC2016.

Born 2.1.2014
Sire: Katzenhof Treasure
Dam: CH Lolcat's Meg


Donna 2 years

CH FI*Lolcat's Meg

Donna is from Little Women litter. She has super temperament even in shows. She is living in Porvoo with her servants and grandparents Oskari & Lavanya. She had 2 litters: Peter Pan & Little House on the Prairie.

Born 16.8.2010
Sire: Iseneth von de Jeetzel
Dam: SC Lolcat's Alexandra DVM


Lavanya 5 years

PR, IC Katzenhof Lavanya

Lavanya came to be Oskari's wife. They had a very lovely Romanovs-litter that they raised together. Lavanya and Oskari are living together with their granddaughter Donna in Porvoo.

Born 23.5.2009
Sire: CH Kyina TakeOnYou of Katzenhof
Dam: Malevitch Crossbow


Oskari 5 years

PR, CH FI*Lolcat's Oskari

Oskari was the only kitten from my first RUS-litter. He has been living in a sited home his whole life. He is enjoying retirement in Porvoo with his wife Lavanya and their granddaughter Donna. He is the father of Romanov's litter. He also has another family in Harmuan cattery.

Born 8.2.2010
Sire: CH Katzenhof Beloved Bravery
Dam: GIP, CH Andinan Celestina


Siiri 4 years

GIP, CH FI*Andinan Celestina

Siiri was my first Russian Blue. She was best friends with my Norwegian girl Lellu, but didn't really care for other cats that much. She was very devoted mother to her 2 litters, Oskari and North & South. She is now enjoying retirement in Oulu.

Born 4.1.2009
Sire: CH Barynia's Wilmer
Dam: SP, CH Katzenhof Quellchen DVM DSM DM


FI*Lolcat's Charlotte York - NFO as

Charlotte is from Sex and the City litter. She is super purring girl with excellent boning and temperament. She is living with Tanja in Helsinki.

Born: 4.3.2016
Sire: Adils av Isblomsts(N) - NFO as
Dam: GIC Lolcat's Rose - NFO f


HCM normal (1,5 years old)
FeLV, FIV negative

FI*Lolcat's Emma Woodhouse

Emma is from our Emma-litter. She has super temperament, she is interested in everything and has a big heart. She is always purring to you. She is enjoying her retirement with her daughter Susan with Antti in Tartu.

Sire: IC FI*Felicis Faustus - NFO n 24
Dam: GIC FI*Lolcat's Blossom - NFO g 09 24

GSD IV - neg.
HCM - normal (at 1,5 years)

Diana 1 year old

FI*Lolcat's Princess Diana

Diana is a daughter of Fauna and Linus. She is the mother of Three musketeers litter and is now enjoying her retirement in Kuopio.

Born: 25.6.2015
Sire: CH NC's Joyride, JW, NFO a 03 24
Dam: Lolcat's Fauna, NFO f 09 24


GSD IV neg
FeLV & FIV neg
HCM n/a

Sissi 2 years

FI*Lolcat's Fauna - NFO f 09 24

Sissi is Rose's daughter from her first litter: Sleeping Beauty. She is the mother to 2 of our royal litters: British and Norwegian monarchy. Fauna is enjoying her retirement in Espoo.

Born: 24.5.2014
Sire: IC RockyHill's Aruna - NFO ns 24
Dam: GIC Lolcat's Rose - NFO f

GIC FI*Lolcat's Rose - NFO f

Rose is from my second Norwegian litter. She has super temperament and she is very pretty girl. She is the mother of 3 litters: Sleeping Beauty, Powerpuff girls & Sex and the City. Rose is enjoying her retirement in Kuopio.

Born: 31.1.2013
Sire: CH BlackOnyx Indigo - NFO n
Dam: IC Lolcat's Padme - NFO f 24

2 x BIV, 2 x NOM

HCM normal (at 13 months)

Adils av Isblomst(N) - NFO as

Atte, is from Norway. He is sweet and calm blue smoke boy. He is the father of our litters Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City, Norwegian Monarchy & Three musketeers. In addition he has litters in Katzenhof, Slytiger's and Sinimetsän catteries. He is enjoying his retirement in Turku.

Born 28.11.2014
Sire: GIC (N) Skaujenta's Vemund, DVM - NFO ds 11
Dam: CH (N) Fodnaheia's Amarone - NFO n 09 24


FI*Heartcatcher's Charms By Her Beauty - NFO n 09 24

Wilma is a very pretty girl from Heartcatcher's cattery. She is the mother of our litter Gilmore Girls and is enjoying her retirement in Jyväskylä.

Born 5.11.2013
Sire: S*Syrenbacken's X-elent Dustin, NFO n 09 23
Dam: Smoesje fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin, NFO n 09


HCM normal (at 2 years)

IC FI*Lolcat's Padme - NFO f 24

Padme is from my first litter. She is mother of litter Titanic. She was living with her mother Lellu in Heinola. Padme passed away due to kidney problems at the age of 9 years.

Born 13.6.2009 -
Sire: Winterland's Juventus - NFO as 09 24
Dam: GIC Marmatin Elina - NFO f 23


HCM normal (at 2 years)

Lellu 4 years

IP, GIC FI*Marmatin Elina - NFO f 23

Lellu was my first pedigree cat. She is everybody's friend. She was very good mother to her own kittens, and also to others kittens. She had 2 litters, Star Wars & Ainokainen. She is now enjoying retirement with her daughter Padme in Heinola.

Born 17.1.2008
Sire: Slytiger's Windle Poons - NFO n 09 22
Dam: Marmatin Aino - NFO f 23


HCM normal (at 2 years)