Naaraat - Females

GIC FI*Lolcat's Blossom - NFO g 09 23

Hilda is from Rose's second litter with handsome Risto. She has super temperament. She is very active and wants to be part of everything (what do you mean I'm on the way if I sit in the litter box while you are cleaning it?). Very good mother and always taking care of others babies too. She is the mother of litter Emma.

Born 8.2.2015
Sire: GIC Nalle-Puhin Gil Grissom - NFO a 09 23
Dam: IC Lolcat's Rose - NFO f

1 x BIV, 4 x NOM

GSD IV neg
FeLV & FIV neg
Blood type A
HCM normal (at 2 years old)

FI*Lolcat's susan the gentle - NFO n 24

Pimu is from my first Lolcat's-Lolcat's litter. She looks like her mother Emma and has very social & sweet temperament. She is living with Antti in Tartu.

Sire: FI*Lolcat's Richard Gilmore - NFO ns 24
Dam: FI*Lolcat's Emma Woodhouse - NFO n 24


GSD IV neg
HCM n/a